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KB Aerial Imaging said:

2019-09-19 18:17:45

Heike Odermatt - Serene silence

Awesome post!

Kurtis Bannerman said:

2019-09-17 18:26:38

Alex Mustard - Masked Butterflyfish Detail

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2019-09-16 23:26:43

Oriol Alamany - Thirsty elephants at dusk

¡Todas están increíbles! Me encantó en especial esta foto. Mil felicidades por todo tu trabajo.

Marco said:

2019-09-11 18:36:10

Oriol Alamany - The leopards of the snow

One of the rare pictures one has to look at intensely. Took me a moment to see the leopards. Love it!

FrankKiz said:

2019-08-24 18:45:57

Laurent Nedelec - the old forest

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Sepp Hackhofer said:

2019-08-17 14:50:28

Sepp Hackhofer - Mountain-Sea

Thank you Helen, yes it was a Special Moment!

Helen Dowland said:

2019-08-08 09:25:32

Sepp Hackhofer - Mountain-Sea

How blindingly beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! <3

indirbak said:

2019-08-05 19:14:44

Angel Fitor - Real-world Kraken

Harika bir görüntü.

Vellis Vincenso said:

2019-07-30 13:46:12

João Cosme - Dipper

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KB Aerial Imaging said:

2019-07-29 22:03:52

Heike Odermatt - Immersed

This is amazing!