Christmas Tree
Sleep Well
Alder and reed
Fading Colours
Eagle and starlings
White Stork
The Shire
Whooper Swans
Spring Time
Cranes At Night
Full Moon
Linden Alley
Mute Swan
New Shoes
Spring Snowflake

Latest comments:
Oriol said:

2017-10-06 11:08:46

Niall Benvie - Sky and sea eagle, Scotland

That's a good reflection. Smaller and smaller screens means only closeup images will be valid?

Wazir said:

2017-10-01 11:38:08

João Cosme - Alcedo Atthis

It is interesting to see this nature picture and good photography

Federico Palmero said:

2017-09-22 12:41:41

Cindy Jeannon - The beat of the mountain

I think I discovered the secret of this photo and I think it is more related to the sea than to the mountain

Stefania said:

2017-09-13 18:58:20

Jonathan Lhoir - Too close

It looks like a Dream!

g shahed said:

2017-09-13 09:00:08

Oriol Alamany - Elegant flight

most amazing images

Petra Vanroy said:

2017-09-09 08:44:19

Sepp Hackhofer - Drei Zinnen - Dolomites

Indeed, the Drei Zinnen are overphotographed, but it's only now and then that I run into such powerful images as this one. The combination of good gear, a great composition, the long exposure time and of course the wonderful light reflected on the snow make it an aswome photo. Love it!

Angel Fitor said:

2017-09-04 10:47:22

Werner Bollmann - Circus

One of the very few times I´ve seen defocusing artifacts becoming into meaningful concept. Congrats Werner!

rachel medders said:

2017-09-04 06:31:05

Bruno D'Amicis - Resistance

i love nature an saw your photos its really great to see all kinds of different picture of nature itself.

Jordi said:

2017-08-31 09:40:14

Bruno D'Amicis - Resistance

Beautiful picture and wonderful text that transports us to this wild spot in the mountains. Thanks Bruno!

robin said:

2017-08-22 12:42:09

Heike Odermatt - After fire

superb nature image sites...