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SandraJourf said:

2020-08-03 18:29:37

João Cosme - Louva-a-deus

Pentukoulua ja pieni keittiöremppa  15.07.20

Roxananounk said:

2020-08-03 13:32:28

João Cosme - Louva-a-deus

TUBERANZA + BOT vs GIOSEPH + BLAZIKEN. Chi vincerГ  la SFIDA? w/ @GiosephTheGamer @Blaziken68 _x

Anonymous said:

2020-08-02 20:09:22

João Cosme - Louva-a-deus

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DeloresDut said:

2020-08-02 12:20:48

João Cosme - Louva-a-deus

#849 Much FASTER than She Thought

EloiseDiG said:

2020-08-01 16:45:00

João Cosme - Louva-a-deus

Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...

Gaetano said:

2020-07-21 09:00:16

Theo Bosboom - Quietness

Beautiful but above all peaceful view! Congrats

Kees Avé said:

2020-07-18 20:30:51

Heike Odermatt - Simply an arrowhead

Simply beautiful !

EileenAnype said:

2020-07-12 00:21:42

Angel Fitor - What´s up?

Confesiones/Recreando look de James Charles- Little Vale

Olivefib said:

2020-07-10 19:10:02

Angel Fitor - What´s up?

Delivering Pizza To Random People, Then Paying Their Rent

Candice Salem-Smallwood said:

2020-07-05 21:25:25

Angel Fitor - What´s up?

Beautiful...... thought-provoking... Love resembles a thoughtful dialogue versus a pretentious photographers monologue. The sea just got deeper. Thank you for your work