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Oriol_AlamanyOriol Alamany – Spain
I live in a big city, so since my childhood I enjoy every moment I can be outdoors. I feel just as well creating pictures in the mountains near my home, as in some of the most remote places on Earth. I love travelling around our planet and feel in peace with myself anywhere in nature.
Oriol’s photos in this blog
Joanna Antosik – Poland
“Nature photography is a getaway from everyday noise, the possibility to spend time with yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature. With the tools at hand, I am trying to paint the natural world in the way I see and feel it.”
Joanna’s photos in this blog
Sandra Bartocha – Germany
The beauty of nature is a great source of inspiration to me. I try to photograph nature in an artistic way rather than trying to document it, focusing on details, light, colours and moods and using creative camera techniques to capture the beauty of a scene in the best way.
Sandra’s photos in this blog

Niall Benvie – Scotland
I’ve made my living from photographing and writing about people and nature (as well as photography) for the last 23 years. But I’ve been joined to nature since birth. I once hoped that photographers could change the world. Now I doubt we can. Perhaps all we can do is to present a set of alternative values that place life ahead of economic growth. That is radical enough…
Niall’s photos in this blog
Dorin_BofanDorin Bofan – Romania
“All I can say is that I try to stay outside, close to natural environments, as long as life allows it. If a few good shots come out of this dirtbag philosophy and I convince others to embrace it as well, then it’s all good. Now, go out and be curious!”
Dorin’s photos in this blog
Emmanuel Boitier – France
To be in the nature is not a hobby or a pastime, it is only essential and vital.
Emmanuel’s photos in this blog

Werner Bollmann – Germany
I love nature –
I love photography –
I’m a nature photographer.
Werner’s photos in this blog
Theo Bosboom – Netherlands
For me nature photography is the ideal mix between enjoying the wonders of nature, being outdoors and creative expression. And if it can help a little bit to preserve nature, I would be very happy.
Theo’s photos in this blog
João Cosme – Portugal
“Nature has always been part of my life since I was born in a rural area and have always been in contact with the natural world. Through nature photography, I hope to show the importance of biodiversity conservation in my country.”
João’s photos in this blog

Bruno D’Amicis – Italy
It’s hard to photograph animals in the wild, but I want to be true. So I stay away from easy locations or enclosures and strive instead to give a wild feeling with my pics, framing a subjects within its context and patiently waiting for behavior.
Bruno’s photos in this blog
Michel D’Oultremont – Belgium
“I was born in 1992 and my interest in nature has grown since the age of 13. In 2007, I bought my first camera and the adventure really began. I try to recreate emotions with my pictures, through the meetings and sensitivities that can be found in nature. If I can change the way people look at nature, I will have been successful. Nature is beautiful, wild and free, we all must realise the importance of respecting and protecting it!”
Michel’s photos in this blog
Csaba Dároczi – Hungary
I’m doing nature photography since 22 years. I live in the middle of Hungary and this is where I take most of my images. Although I’m generally interested in all kinds of nature photography, I like photography during the night best.
Csaba’s photos in this blog

Angel Fitor – Spain
“Translating the language of the Natural World and making it accessible to our increasingly denaturalized society is the core and sense of my task. A gift, a privilege, a challenge, a legacy, and above all, a responsibility.”
Angel’s photos in this blog
Luciano Gaudenzio – Italy
Degas said “It’s not enough for an artist to see, he must make others see.” Photography allows non only documenting the beauty of nature in the world but gives everyone a Reason for Hope…
Luciano’s photos in this blog
Orsolya & Erlend Haarberg – Norway
“Our desire is to get back to our roots – to live with nature that inspires us to create the images that we do.”
Orsolya’s & Erlend’s photos in this blog

Sepp Hackhofer – Italy
To be out there, alone or with friends at unusual times, meeting a landscape’s essence, experiencing silence, finding balance.

In these times when pushing towards faster, higher, further seems a must, I find it essential to know simplicity. To be on my own for some hours, some days. Observing, listening, feeling the wind and allowing light, forms and patterns to impregnate. The mountains allow me to immerse in nature.

My camera is just a useful tool to discover and to see.

Sepp’s photos in this blog

Cindy Jeannon – France
“I love immersing into the nature, in these « roots », these wildernesses.
I feel melded with it.
For me photography is like a natural breathing. I am inspired by the mystery and the movement of mist and clouds. The night fascinates me by its enchantment to the imagination.”
Cindy’s photos in this blog
Grzegorz Lesniewski – Poland
“For me, photography is an endless contest with nature, not with people. Taking pictures of wild animals is so challenging that it fulfils me as both a photographer and naturalist. What attracts me the most in wildlife photography is that trill of unknown and unpredictable.”
Grzegorz photos in this blog

Jonathan Lhoir – France
“Based in the south of France, I am a nature lover and photographer. Specialized in wildlife and macro photography, I’m trying to show the nature in a subjective and more artistic way. I also share both my passion for nature and my photography skills during workshops.”
Jonathan’s photos in this blog
Roy Mangersnes – Norway
The camera is my weapon of choice and I will use it to promote my love for nature.
Roy’s photos in this blog
Alex Mustard – Great Britain
My passion is for underwater nature. My hope is to entertain, enthuse and educate with photos of creatures, great and small, from the oceans and freshwater.
Alex photos in this blog

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Romania
The passion in my photography comes from being out and exploring nature, and from trying to understand natural processes. I strive to remain true, hoping to share questions and stories of our fascinating world in the spirit of my curiosity.
Zoltán’s photos in this blog
Laurent Nédélec – France
“I live in the French Pyrenees and take nature photographs mostly near my home, in the mountains. I avoid the «hot spots» of nature photography and like to find my own subjects. My favourite process is to start with a dream of a picture, then undertake my quest with the subject and, when it all comes together, ending by a memorable picture. It enriches myself.”
Laurent’s photos in this blog
Heike Odermatt – Netherlands
My passion is to capture the beauty of the nature we live in. A world we have to be careful with.
Heike’s photos in this blog

Jaak Põder – Estonia
I hope that when I see an interesting jumping spider, I do not need at the same time to fly for example to the Olympics to take pics of bobsleigh competition.
Jaak’s photos in this blog
Iñaki Relanzón – Spain

This job is not a job. Is a way of life.
My essence, my soul is what my photographs reflect.
To show.
To enjoy.
To preserve.
Iñaki’s photos in this blog

Marc Steichen – Luxembourg
“Being out in Nature – feeling it closely, being part of it – has always been my prime motivation. Photographing its beauty – in these privileged moments – became essential to me. Preserving nature becomes a necessity – for all of us.”
Marc’s photos in this blog

Markus Varesvuo, Vardö Hornöija Norway April 2009
Markus Varesvuo – Finland
“With my focus set tightly on birds, I’m a wildlife photographer on a life-long journey from documentation towards imagination. Birds and photography—both intrigue me.”
Markus photos in this blog
Irma Varrio & Ari-Matti Nikula
Irma Varrio & Ari-Matti Nikula – Finland
We create impressions of Nordic nature. Our vision is: what you see is not enough – you have to look deeper, and with emotions. In our co-work the traditional way of working with nature photography steps aside and gives way to new methods guided by imagination and artistry. Our starting point is experiental: impressions are inspired by the dialogue between what is seen and what is felt. We live and work in Lapland, Finland where the nature is full of miracles.
Irma & Ari-Matti photos in this blog
Yulia Vtyurina – Russia
“Sometimes you can just look at your feet and see an abstract picture in the fallen leaves, hear music in the rustle of raindrops between the branches, notice that the flowers in the meadow dancing in the wind look like the work of the impressionists. This is my world, and this is that I want to show in my pictures.”
Yulia’s photos in this blog

Sven Začek – Estonia
Nature is full of small miracles noone has ever seen. I like to look for these miracles in light and in animal behaviour so that I can later rediscover them in my pictures.

Sven’s photos in this blog

Former members

Georg Kantioler – Italy
Personally, I regard quiet and clear, perfect photos as particularly attractive. More and more I am becoming aware that during taking photos it is highly important to remain calm and to devote oneself completely to the job. I mostly work in my home country, South Tyrol. I think that there is no other place on this earth where I can better harmonize the constantly changing conditions of time and place.
Georg’s photos in this blog
Jérémie Villet – France
“Nature photography is a communion with a mystery. When I’m taking pictures, I’m experiencing a natural environment. In these wild moments, aesthetic and feelings meet. The emotion becomes inspiration.”
Jérémie’s photos in this blog
Hans Strand – Sweden
“I have always felt myself drawn to the untamed and unmanipulated that I find in nature. The wilderness is the mother of all living things – it is always true and never trivial.”
Hans photos in this blog