Angel Fitor - One


A solitary long-snouted seahorse unfolds his majesty in the troubled waters of Mar Menor coastal lagoon at dusk.

Once regarded among the largest seahorse populations in the world, decades of environmental abuse and short-minded approaches has led seahorses in the lagoon to the very edge of vanishing.

For more than three decades at sea, I have witnessed this and and myriad more dramas, but I have also been astounded by its incomprehensible power to revive from ashes when given a chance.

One. Last or first. We decide.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, seahorse, underwater

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  1. Lina Ionta said:

    06/08/2021 12:59

    Amazing!!! I loveeeee sea horses.....I had no idea that sea horses could be found in Spanish waters and I live in Spain. Beautiful image!!!

  2. Installateur Gouttieres Laval said:

    03/02/2022 18:29

    Such a cutie.