Sepp Hackhofer - Mountain in the mirror


It´s close to the end of october. A few weeks ago first snow had fallen in the mountains, but another mild period came in and the snow melts away even on the higher peaks, which is very unusual for this season. Yet, another sign of climate change. Experts say that the Alps, especially the Eastern Alps, will be much more effected by the global warming as the surrounding lowlands. For the Dolomites, this means, the last glaciers will dissapear. Well adapted flora and fauna of the summits will probably also dissapear, as they have no room left, where they could climb any higher. It´s scary and exciting at the same time, as we dont know exactly where it leads us too.

Location: Villnöss, Naturpark Puez Geisler

Tags: Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, Naturpark Puez Geisler, Peitlerkofel, Puez Geisler Nature Park, Putia

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    I want to see this with my own eyes!