Sepp Hackhofer - Rocks in the cloudy sea


not a new image, but one that reflects another special morning in the Dolomites. From time to time I like to look for new spots, but usually explore the area during daytime. Not on this special morning. I walked up a path, that I had never done before. The tricky part was the forest. As it was foggy and extremely dark finding a path, that I didn´t know was quite hard. But at the end I was standing just few meters above the clouds, looking out on an endless sea of clouds with just a few Dolomite-Rocks standing out. Fantastic morning!!!

Location: Tullen, Aferer Geisler, Naturpark Puez Geisler, Villnöss

Tags: Aferer Geisler, autumn, dolomites, Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, Odle di Eores

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  1. Customizable said:

    09/10/2020 11:47


  2. Administrator said:

    12/10/2020 16:46


  3. Lina Ionta said:

    06/08/2021 12:47

    Beautiful ice cream pink and baby blue tones....also the fluffy white clouds complement beautifully, for me, the soft and dreamy atmosphere of this image really appeal to me. I adore this type of landscape photography.

  4. Montreal Tattoo said:

    03/02/2022 18:47