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A Molly Miller blenny inquisitively monitors my movements in front of his den.
Blennies are true characters in the world of underwater nature.
Their dependance of a territory to feed and breed has pushed them to develop a unique sense of space, which in turn have expanded their brain capacities so now they can also learn and remember.
A human evolution theory postulates that our standing position evolved as an advantage to thrieve amidst the high grasses of the Savannah. It is believed that the high position of blennies’ eyes, and their erected posture were actually achieved after a life among the thick algae coverage on the rocks under the surge where they live.
Under such elevated point view, it´s not surprising that the photography of blennies resembles to me more a thoughtful dialogue, than a pretentious photographer´s monologue.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, blenny, portrait, underwater

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  1. Candice Salem-Smallwood said:

    05/07/2020 21:25

    Beautiful...... thought-provoking... Love resembles a thoughtful dialogue versus a pretentious photographers monologue. The sea just got deeper. Thank you for your work