Angel Fitor - King of Mermaids


A long-snouted seahorse proudly stands on a Mermaid´s wine glass algae meadow in the shallows of Mar Menor coastal lagoon.
Only a few months after this halcyon scene, tons of agriculture and urban waste waters from the huge cultivation fields around entered the lagoon as a consequence of unusually mammoth rains, killing 80% of its unique life.
Woe betide this magical being,
now dethroned King of Mermaids;
Woe betide us.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: algae, Angel Fitor, seahorse, underwater

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  1. Paco said:

    05/12/2019 11:25

    Soy nativo del Mar Menor: El Mar, El Mar, corre por mis venas tú sal, me sacas de mi al contemplarte, eres el mas fiel, sincero, constante. Mi amigo. Cuantas, cuantas veces he hallado en tí respuestas sin voz. Una leve mirada y me dices : "VIDA". Calidas respuestas, abrazo fresco, consuelo en tu profundidad