Oriol Alamany - The leopards of the snow


After three trips to the Himalaya in summer and in autumn, my partner Eulàlia and me have spent the last three winters traveling to this mountain range to find the Snow Leopard, working in a conservation photography story about this elusive and endangered big cat. It has been the hardest nature photography project of my life, but the rewards have been fantastic. In the photo there are two brothers of around 2 months old that I photographed at 4,000 meters of altitud in the deep snow, this last march 2019.

On October 5th I’m going to make a presentation of this story in the MontPhoto Festival in Spain.

Location: Himalaya Mountains, India

Tags: big cat, feline, himalaya, mountains, snow, snow leopard

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  1. Marco said:

    11/09/2019 18:36

    One of the rare pictures one has to look at intensely. Took me a moment to see the leopards. Love it!