Markus Varesvuo - I am watching you


Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) in winter.

Location: Kuusamo, Finland

Tags: golden eagle, maakotka, Wildlife, wildlife photography, winter

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  1. Anonymous said:

    14/02/2019 17:29

    Like I was there myself... great image

  2. bushcraft knives 2017 said:

    14/02/2019 22:18

    Ϲon: The knife's һandle and sheath feel suЬ-par.

  3. friedal said:

    17/06/2019 19:49

    ha ha ha, i feel cold myself seeing this photo

  4. Joëlle said:

    12/12/2019 23:25

    Wonderful picture, thank you !! Would you agree to sell a poster of this picture ?