Heike Odermatt - Two crows


Two crows not in the snow but in a asparagus field which was covered with white foil last year.

Location: Netherlands

Tags: Bird, crow, culture, Odermatt

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  1. Annemiek said:

    19/01/2019 21:36

    It's a amazing picture with a lot of beautifull contrast and your favorite colour I think.

  2. Heike said:

    20/01/2019 12:57

    Thank you, Annemiek! Yes, blue is my favorite color ;)

  3. Gröbel, Lothar said:

    03/03/2019 11:47

    Hallo Heike, das Foto gefällt mir, sowie die Aussage des Bildes. Läßt Interpretationen zu, Grüße Lothar.