Bruno D'Amicis - Blue hour, the moon and a hint of wildlife


On June 2015 I was exploring the stunning Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, in Veneto (Italy), for the landscape project “L’Altro Versante” ( that I am sharing together with friends and colleagues, Luciano Gaudenzio (also here on NPB!) and Maurizio Biancarelli. Spring in the high mountains is always a magic period of the year, with life in full swing and often unique weather conditions, and that June was not different. We were staying in a hut on a vast karstic mountain plateau, full of boulders and karren, and I woke up early to find the night fog still persisting at dawn under the weird light of a crescent moon. I approached a boulder which I had already photographed the evening before and I thought would have represented a good foreground for a landscape shot. While I was there I noticed a movement over my shoulder and encountered the eyes of a mouflon ewe curiously looking at me. I just had the time to spin my camera towards the mouflon and frame it with the short wide-angle zoom I had on. Sure enough the ewe promptly left but I was glad I could add a hint of wildlife to such a wonderful landscape!

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