Sepp Hackhofer - Spring-forest


I live in one of the most central Valleys of the Alps, the Puster-Valley/ Pustertal/ Val Pusteria. The central-alpine climate is dry and the forest is mainly coniferous. The most common tree here is spruce (picea abies). We also have Larch (Larix decidua), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), Stone pine (Pinus cembra), Mountain pine (Pinus mugo) and rarely fir (Abies alba). So it looks more like Scandinavia then Italy. But only a 100 Kilometers to the South it looks very different. The Cansiglio-forest, not far from Belluno is a Beech-forest (Fagus sylvatica). I love the gentle green, when the young leafes sprout.

Location: Cansiglio, Belluno, Italy

Tags: beech, beech forest, fagus sylvatica, forest, italy, Sepp Hackhofer, spring

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