Niall Benvie - Scarista beach


The Isle of Harris in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides has some of the most beautiful shell sand beaches in Europe. On a sunny day the waters are a Mediterranean turquoise and even on a stormy evening those colours, though muted, are still visible.

This is the side of the Hebrides we always see in photographs. But this wild, beautiful fringe mediated by natural processes is in sharp contrast to the dereliction and decay of the cultural landscape over much of Harris, similar to the neglect we see in many parts of rural Iceland.The environment is tough on the things that people make. The most enduring buildings are those faced with the rock that underlies them – Lewisian gneiss – the same ancient rock that comprises the Canadian Shield. It’s a reminder of the deep past when this part of Scotland was part of the Laurentian Craton – part of modern North America.

If you visit, keep your eyes to the keep to keep your spirits high…

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