Heike Odermatt - Spring


It will not be long before the first bluebells are flowering again. A few years back I was very lucky when I went to the Hallerbos in Belgium. In the early morning the fog came up which gave a nice ambiance together with the fresh green of young beech leaves and the flowering bluebell carpet.

Location: Hallerbos, Belgium

Tags: beech forest, Belgium, bluebell, Hallerbos, spring

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  1. Helga said:

    18/03/2017 15:27

    Looks like a painting. Like someone has given thought to every tree, every leaf. But it is not a painting, this is nature at its best.

  2. Heike said:

    18/03/2017 20:54

    Beautifully written...thank you, Helga!

  3. Lucy Corrander said:

    18/03/2017 22:54

    It's delightful.