Sepp Hackhofer - “Gams”


In my dialect, we call the chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) just Gams. This name also is a synonym for the ability to move quick and agile along rocks, up and down steep slopes. In the mating Season, the males dont feed for weeks and only have one thing in mind, to defend there territory and to maintain there harem. Only the strongest will pass on his genes to the next Generation. I was sitting on the right spot when this male saw one of his competitors way down. It came downhill with an incredible speed. Luckily this time the autofocus of my camera, which is not the fastest, worked perfectly. I believe it did not even realize that there was a photographer standing in the way.

Location: Dolomites, Cortina d`Ampezzo, Belluno, Italy

Tags: chamois, dolomites, Gams, rupicapra rupicapra

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