Sepp Hackhofer - Land & Sea


Along the southeastern coast of Iceland, in between the glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon and Höfn several lagoons along the coast are in winter usually covered in ice. I was fascinated by the simplicity of this beautiful landscape, just a few lines, sea, light, nothing to add, nothing to remove, just pure quiet freedom

Location: Höfn, Iceland

Tags: coast, Iceland, land, Landscape, light, sea, winter

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  1. Tjaard Heikens said:

    08/01/2017 10:50

    Hello, I also was in winter on Iceland for a photography tour. Your beautiful photo reminds me of the landscape I saw on that trip. In winter Iceland has many opportunities to make 'abstract' photo's. I liked that very much. Tjaard

  2. Agnes said:

    08/01/2017 13:21

    The beauty of the simple. It seems so easy to obtain and yet it takes years of cultivating eye, heart and soul. And the courage to be completely present in the moment. Thank you, Sepp, for sharing that moment with us.