Sepp Hackhofer - Grey autumn day


In the Alps November is the time, when the most striking autumn-colors usually have gone, temperatures are getting cooler, the air is humid. You dont want to send a dog outside. …., But the beech forest in Cansiglio, not far from Belluno in the South-Eastern Alps offers the most beautiful atmosfere, especially when it`s raining and clouds are hanging deep. And the best is coming home after, have a coup of tea and a good sleep….

Location: Foresta del Cansiglio, Belluno, Italy

Tags: Autumn-colors, beech, beech forest, Belluno, cansiglio, fog, italy, Landscape, November, Sepp Hackhofer, trees

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  1. Agnes said:

    15/11/2016 00:43

    The trees roots look like giant clawed hands digging into the dirt, touching soil, caressing the fall leafed skin.