Grzegorz Lesniewski - The Carpathian forest in autumn.


Craving moisture after hot and dry summer, the forest happily welcomes fog.

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  1. Stefan said:

    16/10/2016 09:53

    Witam super fotka klasa światowa

  2. Zuza Meyer said:

    16/10/2016 12:47

    I've been followiing the page "Dzień Dobry Bieszczady" on Facebook for over a year now and I’m totally in love with every picture Grzegorz posts. It’s beautiful that such good photographers use their talents to take pictures of their motherland. Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. Dorota said:

    16/10/2016 15:37

    You have to love Grzegorz Lesniewski's photographs, this one and so many others that you can follow visiting Dzien Dobry Bieszczady on Facebook. I promise, they will make your day.

  4. Grzegorz said:

    17/10/2016 12:46

    Zuza, Dorota and Stefna! Thank you for all good words and please stay in touch at Dzień Dobry Bieszczady!