Oriol Alamany - Golden Jackal in golden light


I’m a man of mountains and deserts, so photographing in a wetland area is something unusual for me. But last June I spent some days working in Ultima Frontiera private nature reserve, on the Danube delta, and I enjoyed to photographing it’s abundant wildlife. My favourite subjects there were the Golden Jackals. I captured this one splashing water from inside a hide where I was waiting with the aim to see a family with cubs.

Location: Danube Delta, Romania

Tags: canis aureus, Danube, delta, Golden jackal, light, Romania, water, wetlands

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  1. Paul Sorrell said:

    09/11/2016 06:22

    Lovely shot.

  2. friedal said:

    27/06/2019 19:45

    lovely, lovely, very lovely. Kind of lonely too.