Roy Mangersnes - A hot year


In 2016 it seemed every month was a record warm one in the Arctic. It wasn’t like the average temperature were sky high, but a slight increase from the year before, and the years before that… Many people don’t even raise an eyebrow over a 0,5 or 1 degree increase in the average temperature, but in the Arctic where life is depending on ice, it can be a matter of life and death.

In March/April I was on a boat as far north as we normally go in July, and there were hardly any ice to be seen in the fjords. Seals were missing in the normal breeding areas and the Polar bears were wandering restlessly along the beaches. Those of us who travel to these places on a regular basis were worried, to say the least, and we did not know what to expect for the coming summer. Luckily the ice cap to the north started moving down in June and we experienced close to a normal situation in July and August. However, what we do not see is what goes on under the ice. As warm water is being pushed up from below, the ice melts at a much higher rate, to the point where everything just collapses during the next storm. This is the situation the Arctic is facing at the moment.

Location: Svalbard, Norway

Tags: polar bear, svalbard

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  1. Arjen said:

    02/09/2016 14:50

    Yes, completely agree. Was very worried about this year, ended up relatively normal. Or at least, what we consider normal nowadays. Having to go up to 81º30'N for decent sea ice should not be normal of course... Great picture again, Roy! Regards, Arjen