Bruno D'Amicis - Bruno D’Amicis – End of summer


In the Apennines, at the end of summer clouds and rain often hide the top of the mountains. Mountains which the sun has been baking for more than three months. In this invisible environment, swallowed by a persistent fog, the colors vary from gold to grey, from olive green to blue. I love this period; it is as if nature is breathing again after the scorching heat. Of course, anything that would move in this context and against such a color palette would look nice. And, if on this stage the actors are wolves, things become really really exciting.

For a long time I’ve been waiting, cramped in a tiny hide at the rim of a forest, for wolves to cross a certain mountain meadow. There was no attractive, so I did not know whether they would come or not or where they would walk. They were free to choose. At noon on that day, before entering the hide, I had eaten a sandwich on a stone, the same you see in this picture. I felt safe that my smell would have vanished by the evening. But it had not been like that. So, when the wolves have finally appeared (wolves in fact, never arrive, they simply appear…) on the stage, sure enough they immediately went to investigate that exotic and alarming smell.

I have been so lucky to freeze the moment when the wolves and I had shared the same little part of the World.

If you like this story and want to see more of my wolf pictures, check out my book, “Time for Wolves”, here.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

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