Niall Benvie - Golden plover at dusk


There are quiet a few things to like about Iceland but for me one of the best is the abundance of many species of animals and plants that are on the absolute edge of their range in my native Scotland. Another nice feature is that montane species at home can be found close to sea level in Iceland. Having uncomfortably edged round 50 last year, that’s very welcome, especially as I seem to carry more and more gear as the years go by.

At home, the golden plover’s plaintive (actually rather self-pitying) call forms part of the quiet sound track of the high tops, along with meadow pipits, ptarmigan and the wind. Clearly, though, it’s not just because these are generally bleak places as the plovers issue the same sad notes in altogether more interesting places in Iceland; in this case, near Myvatn.

One of the difficult realisations of this trip was that in two of three trips early in my stock career, I could have photographed many of the species I struggled with for years in Scotland. But now that stock is, if not dead, in a deep coma, it’s too late to worry about that.

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  1. Susan J. Smith said:

    29/08/2016 13:28

    Hi Niall, This is an intriguing image. I love the dark silhouette against the gray sky. I am wondering if you did a lot of processing to it or is this the way you shot it? It certainly brings back memories of my trip to Iceland with you and all the wild life we saw. You are very fortunate to be able to return many times. Susan

  2. Niall Benvie said:

    29/08/2016 13:35

    Hello Susan Thanks for commenting! I have essentially darkened the picture to emphasise (rather than create) the mood of the afternoon. It's a low trick, I know (!) but doesn't alter the material facts of the encounter. Continue to enjoy your own travels. My best wishes Niall