Bruno D'Amicis - The summer is crazy


“The summer is crazy… ah ha… la la la la…” was singing Alexia twenty years ago. Probably not the song with the most profound meaning, but I remember very well that year. I was a teenager when the holidays felt endless and one had to kill time by inventing games with other people. When there were just mosquitoes to haunt us instead of brutal news of terror. When kids used to write “I like..” with a permanent marker on a wall and not confess their love with an emoticon. It was a time when it felt that everything could have been possible and that this world was surely going to be a better place. It was easy to dream and that dream lasted a few more years…

It is all different now and things got so much more complicated. How disappointing! And I feel inadequate sometimes, not made for all this. I would like to stay hidden and come out only when it’s safe, when there is nobody around. To enjoy the evening breeze and the beauty still lingering out there. Like this cautious roe deer in a sea of St. John’s wort just a few days ago…


Location: Abruzzo, Italy

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