Cindy Jeannon - Reception of an alien message


I never decide my way beforehand. Clouds and light attract me to my way. That day, the sky was grey. As I was packing my camp, I saw to the east, behind the mountain, a piece of a huge lenticular cloud. I had to walk to the top of the mountain to see the whole thing. I took my backpack and I knew that I was running of time, maybe one hour before sunset. I climbed a ridge, using a thin path surrounded by dizzyingly high cliffs. The more I walked, the more the wind get stronger, like if this cloud wanted to swallow me. Climbing with all my stuff was quite hard. When I reached the top, the sun was touching the horizon, throwing golden dust on every rhyolite mountains. A wonderful view I had to left behind me because of a powerful wind that made me almost tip over the cliff. As I was descending, a small piece of this path protected from the wind allowed me to observe this lenticular cloud. It get more pinky after the sunset and before the stars and the night come to dress it and transform its edges to scatter. Fascination was so intense that I almost forgot to go down right away from the cliff with that windy weather into the dark. This slope will remain in my memory, where I fell as fragile as this flying dust.

Tags: abstract clouds, cloud, Iceland, mountain

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