Oriol Alamany - Winter storm


Some days ago I was travelling for the third time around Iceland in winter again (Maybe someday I should visit this country in summer, never been there with green landscapes!). Most people travel there to photograph the Northern Lights, the ices on Jokülsarlon beach, and the coast landscapes made through dark ND filters. I prefer to wander, discover, and photograph other places of the winter landscape, showing all its impressive hardness.

Location: Icekand

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  1. Andrew George said:

    28/03/2016 09:55

    Great to see mutual thoughts ;) and well executed :) I will go West in 2017 again.

  2. Andrew George said:

    28/03/2016 10:00

    I forgot, Yes summer is on my list too, but than it's even more crazy with people out there. Yet I'm convinced there is a lot of space which is left to visit without people.