Sepp Hackhofer - Traveller´s Joy (Clematis vitalba)


The seeds of Travellers Joy (Clematis vitalba) are quite obvious in winter, as they are covered by white featherlike hairs. I photographed the seeds with an open snowcovered landscape in the background, overexposed it a little bit and took a second exposure out of focus. This way it looks very soft and shows the beautiful form of the seeds. The plant is quite common in lower Valleys of the Alps.

Location: Auronzo, Dolomites, Italy

Tags: abstract, clematis, plants

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  1. Ines said:

    10/03/2016 01:13

    I love the name. Traveller's joy! The beauty of the small. Thank you for making us aware of it. Love the seeds'dance.

  2. batran said:

    10/03/2016 05:15

    I love it .