Roy Mangersnes - Disappearing Musk Ox


40.000 years ago the Musk Ox lived side by side with the Woolly Mammoth in the Norwegian mountains. After going extinct the Musk Ox was re-introduced in the late 40’s and early 50’s. A total of 10 animals survived the re-introduction and has been the basis of todays population of just over 300 animals. The population has grown extremely slow and have had many challenges in their way. At the moment the ice age giants of Dovrefjell National Park is struggling with Orf virus and also a sort of pneumonia due to warmer and more humid summers. The Musk Ox in Norway are living on the limit of what they can handle. For some reason they disappeared 40.000 years ago. Lets hope we will not see them go extinct in our lifetime as well.

Location: Dovrefjell NP, Norway

Tags: Musk ox, Norway

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  1. Agnes said:

    10/03/2016 01:22

    What I like most is the mistery. Not seeing the forms of this being well makes me aware he might just be a dream-like image. Musk ox, are you still alive?