Jonathan Lhoir - Forest


I was in the Bieszczady National Park in Poland and the weather conditions were extreme. I spent the night in a mountain refuge so that I could be in the beech forest very early in the morning. It was about -25°C and there was a strong wind blowing. Technically speaking, the image is quite simple and was taken with the lens wide open. However, all the elements were in place to create a very complex picture : fog, snow, trees covered in ice, spaces around the tree trunks where the snow had melted, and a downward slope. After a few tries which I wasn’t really happy with, I decided to put a tree right in the centre of the photo. I used what could be called the “faults” of the lens, by that I mean the distortion and vignetting, to increase the symmetry of the image.

Location: Bieszczady - Poland

Tags: beech trees, Bieszczady, fog, forest, frozen, Poland, snow, trees

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