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The diversity of our natural world comes in so many formes it is somewhat overwhelming. From the minute creatures of the undergrowth, to the charismatic megafauna and all the way to the birds soaring in our sky. They are all part of nature. Who are we to tell what is beautiful, who is better and who to preserve?


The Southern Elephant seal is one of these fascinating creatures, and when you see and hear one for the first time it is hard to believe it is actually real. The enormous  size of the males and the rumbling sounds they make is out of this world. No other animal I have ever been close to can make the sand dance on the beach just from its sound. I will never stop to be mesmerized by the Elephant seals – one of natures beautiful creatures.

Location: Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Tags: Antarctica, South Georgia, Southern Elephant Seal

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  1. Angel Fitor said:

    02/12/2015 10:49

    Serious reflection... As a dominant species, it seems understandable that we have built a world under our own human perpective. Unfortunately this include the way we try to preserve nature, a supra human entity. The so called "real world conservation" dictates the priorization of those species/habitats that are easily saleable to larger audiences. But in fact, this is just an futile attempt to solve a small part of the problem, by using the same criteria that caused it.