Markus Varesvuo - November, Movember Eagle


November, Movember Eagle

As wildlife photography seasons go, year-end in the north is typically not very busy; it’s too dark to spot anything, there is nothing much to spot and should something move somewhere, there’s seldom enough light to freeze it.

But sometimes you can work with this ’nothing’: I went to Central Norway to Ole Martin Dahle in Flatanger, in November, chasing dark November weather with wet, slushy November snowfall. As usual the Eagle Man delivered.

We had one beautiful day after the heavy snowfall, when abundant soft sunlight lit a gorgeous landscape where the islands, weird and wondrous shapes in pure white snow, floated between the bluest sky and the bluest sea.

But what I wanted was dark, gloomy, desolate November, where the idea of spring seems ludicrous and light is but a distant memory.


Location: Flatanger, Norway

Tags: Bird, fine art photography, markus varesvuo, Raptor, snow, white-tailed eagle, wildlife photography

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