Oriol Alamany - A landscape hit by cyclons


A deep canyon lined by the endangered Dragon Blood trees cut across the Diksam plateau in Socotra Island, Yemen.


Some years ago, I did a photographic project about Socotra island and his endemic wildlife, which later was published in several places, including two articles in National Geographic-Spain. For years photographing Socotra was one of my dreams. I’m grateful because I could finally fulfill it and during the weeks my wife and me were working there we received the help of Socotra’s friendly people.


Now they need our help: Besides suffering isolation (Socotra does not receive food or petrol because of the Yemen war), on November 1th and 8th the island was hit by two destructive cyclones, causing several deaths and a lot of damage to this UNESCO World Heritage Area. A third cyclone is expected in the coming days.


With some photographers with ties to the island and the NGO “Solidarios sin fronteras” we have started a campaign to raise funds to help the people there. If you like more info or to help, here is the address:


www.migranodearena.org – Help Socotra


Location: Socotra Island, Yemen

Tags: canyon, island, socotra, yemen

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  1. Maribel said:

    10/11/2015 12:43

    A really nice picture of a wild and rugged landscape. It's good the photographers help with the problems in the places that they know and have worked.