Markus Varesvuo - Waxwing, so sophisticated


Many birds have fantastic plumages; sometimes the patterns seem to surpass human creativity. Waxwing’s suit is elegant, with delicate yet bold details, the sleek tuft of crown feathers giving a definite air of flair. The zorroesque black mask adds some edge to the sophisticated whole.

These otherwise dainty and stylishly behaving birds, with calls that jingle like wind-chimes, can get quite rowdy in the autumn if they happen upon a tree with overripe berries.

Location: Porvoo, Finland

Tags: autumn, berries, Bombicilla garrulus, markus varesvuo, rowan, Waxwing

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  1. Paul Sorrell said:

    03/04/2016 00:25

    Beautiful composition, Markus. I love the way the bird is tossing the berry.