Alex Mustard -


A school of gigantic bumphead parrotfish (Bulbometopon muricatum) moving down a reef wall in the morning. These enormous fish are key stone species in the coral reef ecosystem, as they graze on hard coral, crunching down their favourite species and promoting coral diversity.

Location: Sipadan Island, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. 

Tags: Alex Mustard, coral reef, Malaysia, marine life, underwater

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  1. Chris Chong said:

    13/08/2015 10:14

    Dr Mustard, The shot must be taken in Sipadan 2007, right after your Raja Empat trip. We were on the same dive boat. Great shot! Chris

  2. Zohaib Arif said:

    13/08/2015 15:39

    i want to share some pictures with you. please do let me know about these