Markus Varesvuo - Gannet Emerging


Gannets (Sula bassana) master the art of dive bombing. Dropping from the heights at breakneck speeds, up to 100 km per hour even, they pierce the water surface with their wings folded, quite as an umbrella. Air sacs in the chest protect it from the forceful impact at entering the water, and once underwater, it opens its wings again, propelling through the water using its wings, tail and the webbed feet.

Once it’s done fishing, it emerges from the depths at a quieter pace. I was photographing fishing Gannets from a boat in Shetland, and at one point the boat was turned in a way that it cast a shadow on the water in front of me, turning the water dark and solid with no reflections – a perfect backdrop for the majestic Gannet as it made its way back up.

Location: Shetland, UK

Tags: Gannet, markus varesvuo, sea bird, sula bassana, wildlife photography

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  1. Oriol Alamany said:

    14/07/2015 18:46

    Surprising image!