João Cosme - Scorpion


An end of the day, in the hills of Freita mountain, northern Portugal, a scorpion goes through a rock full of fascinating textures.

Tags: Arouca, Escorpião, João Cosme, scorpion, Serra da Freiita, Wildlife

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  1. Etta said:

    12/05/2016 14:54

    No, purposely using bokeh for geometric shapes like lights is “good bokeh”. Bad bokeh is when the lens creates those shapes on it’s own. The infamous 500mm reflector lens is an example. It would create donuts out of nowhere in backgrounds of photos when used.In the last couple of years, people have figured out how to create bokeh with all kinds of shapes like hearts and stars. has some nice bokeh with lights in the baDrkgound.coes this answer your question, Karma?