Cindy Jeannon - Hopefulness


What is reality?

Often we start with an idea and once we’ve realized it, it’s different but concrete.

In 2012, I decided to travel for the third time to Norway. A longer immersion into the Nature during 4 months. I imagined diving alone into the mountains, going deeper in my process.

At my first camp in Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau in Europe, I slept on a stone. To recover from this accident I was required to not walk for a while. After, I was rescued by helicopter, I had to make a decision: repatriate to France or stay in Norway on my own, without help. I could not give me up on this chance to fully experience wilderness.

The mountains were out of reach. I found refuge near large lakes and sea. This picture is the first I realized after the accident.With a new philosophy. Stay motionless for a long time, observe and write with simply accessible things.

This picture made me feel hopefulness again. During this travel in Norway, more than ever, begins a slow metamorphosis… to become even more myself.

Location: Norway

Tags: blue, Lake, Norway, nymphaea alba, water

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