Sandra Bartocha - Entanglement


What I love about macro is … that through the lens … things become visible that are otherwise hidden to the eyes.

Location: Jüterbog, Germany

Tags: moss, nature, spiderwebs

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  1. Harma said:

    24/05/2015 09:00

    Hello Sandra, Beautiful picture…is it possible to know how you get this effect? Thank you

  2. Sandra Bartocha said:

    24/05/2015 09:03

    Hi Harma, it's very simple ... it's the perspective ... seen the spiderweb from the side against the light produces these "flirring" colours ... :)

  3. Werner said:

    24/05/2015 09:21


  4. Lukas Jonaitis said:

    24/05/2015 10:11

    Beautiful picture, Sandra! I don't know why people don't usually photograph diffraction of spider-webs. It's so beautiful phenomena! Many different colors, forms and it's like complete natural art, you just have to find the angle and perspective as you say :)..

  5. Sandra Bartocha said:

    24/05/2015 10:24

    Hi Lukas, true. I haven't explored this field to often myself. I guess it is because it is not immediatly visible. You need to see through the lens and work your perspective ... And most of the times the subjects look quite ordinary without the macro lens. ;-) But I will keep my eyes open in the future.