Markus Varesvuo - Capercaillie In A Display Jump


Pine forests, preferably old ones, are Capercaillies’ domain. In spring they gather at leks to display and mate. Often the leks vary from year to year, and also the centre of the lek can shift from one day to the other, making it hard to predict the exact spot.

In western Finland, their display season approaches its peak towards the end of April, early May. That’s when the females are finally arriving at the lek to observe, and to select their mating partner. With the hens gathering to the nearby trees, the males perform showy flutter-jumps, making a lot of noise with their wings, and occasionally burst into wild, short display flights.

Location: Jalasjärvi, Finland

Tags: capercaillie, display, display jump, flutter jump, lek, markus varesvuo, mature pine forest, spring

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