Grzegorz Lesniewski - Magic of the love song


Looking for signs of spring, I visited Solska Forest, located only 120 km from my beloved Bieszczady Mountains. There is still some snow there as well, but Capercaillies definitely say goodbye to the Ice Age! I can feel a new life in the air. Let the magic of the love song be with you!

Location: Solska Forest, south-eastern Poland

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  1. Markus Varesvuo said:

    16/04/2015 13:42

    Great backlight!

  2. Grzegorz Lesniewski said:

    16/04/2015 14:30

    Thank you Markus :-)

  3. Johan Van Hoof said:

    16/04/2015 16:59

    Great great lightning and beautiful animal, a capercaillie is such a stunning bird. All ingredients are present to make this a wonderful picture! Keep up the good work guys, thanks for sharing Kind Regards