Werner Bollmann - Shelter


Like other grouses, the capercaillies use to run for shelter under the snow during extremely cold nights. The next morning they usually fly immediately into the trees to feed on their favourite winter diet – pine needles.

Location: Finnland

Tags: capercaillie, capercaillies, portrait, snow, tetrao urogallus, winter

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  1. Laurent Nédélec said:

    05/04/2015 10:55

    What a picture ! I would really like to know the story behind it!

  2. Markus Varesvuo said:

    05/04/2015 19:20

    Very good!

  3. motorisation porte garage said:

    20/04/2015 10:30

    Amazing picture !

  4. Werner said:

    21/04/2015 09:17

    Thank you, guys!