Bruno D'Amicis - Surfing fox


On a frosty winter morning, while we were snowshoeing in the beechwood, a beautiful male fox silently glided by. Better than a surfer, it rode the slope like a wave of powdery snow. It dove into the morning light and out of the icy shadows of the night. But it was just for an instant. A trail of red and cunning all he left behind…

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    31/03/2015 08:33

    Beautiful picture as usual ! WOW, he is really looking at you :-)

  2. Sven Začek said:

    31/03/2015 08:38

    Amazing capture! I love the light and shadows.

  3. Markus Varesvuo said:

    31/03/2015 12:44


  4. johan stadling said:

    31/03/2015 19:54

    Amazing picture!! Little bit abstract, lovely! /Johan