Cindy Jeannon - Land of fairies


Six years ago, I went into the Vosges mountains to begin a personal experience : to question me on my deep links with Nature and on our roots. Diving into the heart of winter, a simple life related to the Nature. A loneliness that leads me to photographic and to writing expressions.

I have chosen a picture from those very last days during an immersion spent in the « Land of fairies » during a workshop. We have lived a storm of snow and cold during two days. The second day, when we went to search the people, we have lived those atmospheres that inspire me so much. To dive into the heart of Nature, loneliness, to share it, to transmit it.

The magical atmosphere of the storm that progressively disappears. A contrast as I love…this blue-gray that attracts me physically and the white of the trees. It was so cold (20°C minus zero) the crystals of snow could travel with squalls of wind…the magical glitters in this so difficult universe. As a hope, as a light brought during moments of darkness.

Location: Vosges - France

Tags: blue, snow, snow flake, Vosges, wind

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  1. Lucy Corrander said:

    21/02/2015 11:36

    The picture is fantastic, the countryside tremendous - but I'm glad it was you there and not me!

  2. Jarek said:

    21/02/2015 20:34

    A perfect picture of a wonderful winter landscape!