Hans Strand - Willows, Steninge, Sweden, December 2014.


This far we have had a very mild winter up here in Stockholm, Sweden. One day though, in the end of December last year, the temperature dropped to minus 10 Celsius and as an extra bonus there was also a bit of mist in the air. I decided to give the day a chance and drove to a nature reserve about 40 km north of Stockholm. I parked my car, grabbed my gear and started to explore the surroundings. Just 10 meters from the walking path I found these willow trees. Their wide and naked branches filled the air like spider webs and the scene was very chaotic. It took a while until I got aquainted with the place and bit by bit I worked myself towards a composition which I liked. The final result was this image, where the branches of the foreground willow tree, frames the one in the background. The tired mid-winter sun also gave me an extra hand by spilling some warm rays of light on the willow in the background. I used a super-wide 15mm lens to give the tight scene as much volume as possible.


Camera. Nikon D800E + Carl Zeiss 15mm:2.8

Exposure: f 14 at 1/20 sec.   ISO 100


Location: Steninge, Uppland, Sweden.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    17/02/2015 10:40

    Welcome to the wide public. Nice image!