Markus Varesvuo - Breakfast in the Twilight Zone


In the heart of winter, especially up in the north of Finland, trees can get a heavy snow load, causing branches to bend and trail downwards. Doubled over as they are, the trees offer Willow Grouses easy access to food, as well as shelter.

Sun still keeps below the horizon throughout the day in early January, but here the waning moon shone its eerie light over the winter landscape. Taken at half past ten in the morning, I captured this Willow Grouse having breakfast.

Location: Inari, Lapland, Finland

Tags: Bird, lagopus lagopus, moonlight, riekko, snow load, tykky, Willow Grouse, winter

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    14/02/2015 09:43

    BEAUTIFUL shot ! I'm a big fan of those animal-in-habitat shots, it shows you the atmosphere and in this case the tough conditions this bird has to cope with. Will be in Finland the first week of March ... fingers crossed :-) Take care peeps

  2. Jordi Pagès said:

    14/02/2015 12:07

    Fantastic picture! The landscape alone is already very beautiful, but the grouse makes it even better! Amazing light! Congratulations!

  3. Judy Royal Glenn said:

    14/02/2015 17:12

    Gorgeous shot:) I did not even see the grouse when I looked at the photograph—I was just taken by the raw beauty of the scene. Nice capture.

  4. Jürgen Weginger said:

    15/02/2015 17:35

    Finland in winter is amazing. Last week we spent a week in Riisitunturi, wonderful place.

  5. Monika said:

    16/02/2015 17:34

    Missed the Grouse completely !! What a beautiful photograph. Would love to visit Finland some day . In the mean while good photo shots will do very well !! Thanks .