Alex Mustard - Because I’m Happy


Some nature images are artistic, others draw you in with beautiful light or the character of the subject, this is a standard scenic image of very typical underwater life from the coral reefs of the Red Sea. But it is a picture that makes me happy. It is a very personal thing, but the world seems a better place to me, knowing that the reefs in the Red Sea, that I know so well, are bustling with life, like this.

This photo shows orange anthias fish and a coral head of fire coral. This species of fish is found on coral reefs distributed across at least half our planet, from Egypt to Fiji. Fire corals are found on all coral reefs. In other words these are ver, very typical coral reef species. Yet, there is something special about them in the Red Sea. The anthias there always seem bigger and brighter than in other places and there is just something about the blue of the water that sets of these species perfectly.

I can’t quite put my finger on it. But this simple scene, of very ordinary species, makes me the world a much better place for me.

Location: Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Sinai, Egypt

Tags: Alex Mustard, coral reef, egypt, Pseudanthias squamipinnis, red sea, scalefin anthias, underwater

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