Marc Steichen - Between heaven and earth


This chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) was walking on a snow-covered cliff just above me. I decided to abstract the photo by photographing the animal from my low angle against the blue sky. At that moment I had the impression that the chamois was walking on a cloud – between heaven and sky.

Location: Gran Paradiso NP - Italy

Tags: blue sky, chamois, cloud, snow, winter

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  1. Sven Začek said:

    09/02/2015 09:35

    Wow! Great photo to start with!

  2. Johan Van Hoof said:

    09/02/2015 09:41

    Chamois in the Gran Paradiso, a great animal in a beautiful place. I spent a great two weeks there last year and came back with ALOT of nice pictures. Photographed a Winter Hen up close and personal, many Chamois and bumped into a I bex during one of our hikes. I didn't see any wolves though :-) Keep up the good work guys Johan