Sven Začek - Second coming


The Sun has set on previous NPB, but not to worry it’s not the end, but a new beginning! I am really glad to see our blog expanding with some new and some well known and established talent. Looking forward to some amazing photos. That’s why we are all here!

Location: Estonia

We’d love you to comment on our photographs. If you can, please do so in English. And as we are here under our own names, we’d appreciate if you would do the same when commenting.

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  1. Kerstin Dropmann said:

    03/02/2015 21:41

    Also congratulation from my side to the new web side. WOW, impressiv list of contributors! Looking forward to all those amazing pictures to come. I will not miss a single one :-)

  2. Jarek said:

    05/02/2015 17:28

    Awesome, simply awesome! The power of nature's beauty taken into photos. Great!