Alex Mustard - Sunrise Stingrays


A trio if stingrays swimming in shallow water at dawn. This was taken on Saturday, when we were blessed with beautiful conditions here. It is amazing how often you plug away at images for ages and then when the conditions come to you, suddenly your memory card is quickly filled with the shots you’ve been after. This was the 5th frame I took after getting in the water and with my workshop group, I stayed for a couple of hours shooting the rays in the ever changing light conditions.

Location: Sandbar, Grand Cayman

Tags: Alex, Cayman Islands, Dasyatis americana, dawn, Mustard, southern stingrays, sunrise

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  1. Gunther Deichmann said:

    28/01/2015 17:06

    Exceptional...Alex, as usual Underwater is YOUR turf! Very nice indeed!

  2. Jarek said:

    08/02/2015 18:44

    This is a fabulous picture!